Advancing Marketing Attribution, Part 2

Advancing Marketing Attribution, Part 2

Combining Company- and Channel-Level KPIs

As more companies look to attribute their marketing efforts holistically, marketers must inevitably meet both company- and channel-specific objectives.

  • Why is it important for marketers to balance both channel-specific and company-level KPIs? Holistic attribution is defined as the ability to understand how marketing and nonmarketing touchpoints influenced a specific business outcome. But to meet that company-level goal, marketers must typically optimize and modify their efforts at the channel level. In this regard, it’s not unlike an orchestra: To make beautiful music, players must do their best as individuals, as well as keep time with other members.
  • How are companies balancing both KPI types today? Companies best equipped to navigate both sets of metrics have commonalities: They have built models that account for both types of KPIs, they believe the models (with a healthy dose of skepticism), and they understand the insights generated by those models—regardless of their level within their organization.
  • How do companies benefit from aligning company objectives with channel-level objectives? The advantages of holistic attribution done right are greater transparency into channel-level performance and smarter budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report discusses how companies are balancing company-level and channel-level KPIs. It highlights key questions marketers must ask to successfully do so and emphasizes the benefits of making this advanced attribution effort work.

KEY STAT: Many marketers use both company-level metrics (e.g., revenues and customer loyalty) and channel-level metrics (e.g., clicks and opens) to measure marketing success.

This report is the second in a two-part series. Part 1, which addresses where attribution practices are today and how marketers can improve their efforts across the organization, can be accessed here: “Advancing Marketing Attribution: A Companywide Blueprint for Success.”

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