B2B Content Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Do it right and return will come

An interview with:
Erin Stender
Vice President, Marketing

Content marketing programs that focus on producing quality content and speaking directly to the target audience have the ingredients to succeed, but return doesn’t come overnight. Erin Stender, vice president of marketing at online fundraising platform Classy, spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about how the company’s content marketing strategy evolved over time—and when it started driving sales.


What is Classy’s approach to content marketing?

Erin Stender:

Online giving is still a small percentage of all nonprofit fundraising in the world today. Since we started in 2011, we’ve seen that the fastest way to get nonprofits to move to online giving is education. And the fastest way to educate is to put out great content.

From day one, that's been a core philosophy. We believe in content marketing’s "long game." We’ve hired journalists from the very beginning to help us create great content, and now it’s paying dividends in terms of traffic, referrals and leads. In the past year or so, we’ve been able to measure the impact of that content.

Interview conducted on November 20, 2017