Canada Trends in 2019

Canada Trends in 2019

Three Emerging Areas for Digital Marketers

Executive Summary

As the calendar sets to turn over on a new year, digital marketers in Canada continue to seek new avenues for novel consumer engagement. In 2019, three opportunities are worth noting.

What is the outlook for smart speaker usage in Canada?

Smart speaker penetration in homes is reaching critical mass, a new consumer channel that is pivoting search marketing strategy in the direction of voice. Voice search engine optimization (SEO) is very different than text-based SEO, driven mainly by questions and answers rather than keywords. Paid formats for consumer engagement are nascent but should see some market traction in 2019.

What potential does blockchain hold for Canada’s digital advertising supply chain?

Blockchain technology is disrupting digital marketing. The largest opportunity appears to be in the display advertising supply chain, which has an acknowledged set of challenges that include placement transparency and ad fraud. 2018 saw the definition of blockchain’s potential for digital advertising, while 2019 should see practical applications deployed in the ad ecosystem.

How are marketers in Canada using augmented and virtual reality?

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences designed by brands are enhancing content marketing strategies and delivering immersive content to entertain and educate. In industries like real estate, solutions exist to walk people through virtual condos. In AR, Snap and Facebook are making more immersive ad units available to advertisers.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report looks at the qualitative and quantitative evidence supporting the development of emerging consumer channels including smart speakers, AR/VR and the potential of blockchain to solve problems in the digital ad ecosystem.

KEY STAT: Smart speaker penetration in Canada jumped 188.7% this year, climbing north of 10% of the population.

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