Creating and Distributing Content for the Customer Journey

Creating and Distributing Content for the Customer Journey

How B2Bs Can Influence Audience Behavior Through Strategic Content

Executive Summary

Content is more than an upper funnel, lead generation device. When crafted with purpose and intent, strategic content can influence audience behavior throughout the business-to-business (B2B) customer journey.

What B2B content marketing trends will emerge in 2019?

eMarketer estimates that a majority of US B2B companies are using digital content marketing. And the most successful companies plan to invest more this year. Still, most B2Bs are not mature in their content marketing efforts, and a top priority is to improve their content strategy approach.

How do B2Bs develop a successful content strategy?

A holistic content program needs to be relevant to the audience. Most B2Bs aren’t taking the time to research audience behavior and the different phases of the customer life cycle. But this is necessary for content to resonate and align with the customer’s position in the journey.

How can B2Bs create an effective customer journey map?

There are six key elements to mapping the customer life cycle. Companies must collaborate cross-functionally, take the time to define their buyers and customers, conduct deep research into audience behavior, list all audience touchpoints, focus on a particular goal and drive consensus.

What are the customer journey stages?

There is no one-size-fits-all customer life cycle map. But there are eight common audience experiences that B2B companies should note.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report will guide marketers through a customer journey mapping exercise and explore why and how different content should be implemented at each stage of the life cycle.

KEY STAT: Strategic content can influence B2B audience behavior across the customer life cycle, according to January 2019 research from Walker Sands Communications.

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