Customer Experience 2018

Customer Experience 2018

Personalization Still Elusive as Marketers Seek Answer to Single View of Customer

Marketers have never had more data about their audiences, or more tools to wrangle that data and make it actionable. But the ideal of a data-driven brand experience, tailored for each customer, is still far from a reality for most marketers who struggle to make omnichannel, real-time connections and deliver meaningfully personalized offerings.

  • Marketers are making some, but not much, progress on the customer experience. They’re focused on making it more data-driven and personalized, but few can deliver this type of experience across channels.
  • Marketers are continuing to invest in technology, though most still lack a single view of the customer.
  • Organizational challenges may be replacing technological challenges as the biggest barrier to holistic customer experiences, as teams struggle to work together with aligned incentives.
  • Personalization may be considered a must-do, but most results fall far short of hyper-relevance. Marketers are only just beginning to focus on context and sentiment to deliver more meaningful personalization.


Nicole Perrin


Caroline Cakebread
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