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Global Ecommerce 2019


by Karin von Abrams

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Executive Summary

We forecast that retail ecommerce spending in France will account for nearly 10% of total retail sales in 2019, as online sales rise 11.5% to nearly €59 billion ($70 billion).

How much will consumers in France spend on ecommerce in 2019?

Retail ecommerce spending will reach an estimated €58.84 billion ($69.40 billion) this year, rising 11.5% year over year. That will represent 9.5% of total retail sales in France. By 2023, we expect ecommerce outlays to top €79 billion ($94 billion).

Which channels are driving retail and ecommerce growth?

Mcommerce sales are expected to rise 20.6% this year to €20.44 billion ($24.1 billion) with room for further growth. In 2019, mobile purchases will account for 34.7% of retail ecommerce sales, but just 3.3% of the total.

Which product categories are seeing the fastest ecommerce growth?

Groceries, household appliances and other items that many consumers previously hesitated to buy online are posting the most rapid growth, but from a small base. Clothing and accessories remain the greatest contributor to overall retail ecommerce sales.

Will Amazon continue to grow its share of ecommerce sales in France?

Amazon looks pretty unassailable as the market leader in 2019. That’s not to say that major national players such as Cdiscount and Fnac/Darty aren’t mounting robust competition. Amazon’s continuing gains will likely outpace those of other retailers.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report presents our latest estimates and forecasts for retail, ecommerce and mcommerce sales in France, and for digital and mobile buyers in the country. It also examines key trends shaping France’s ecommerce market.

KEY STAT: Retail ecommerce sales in France will continue rising by double digits this year and next. In 2020, online sales will account for an estimated 10.3% of total retail sales; in 2023, that share will be 12.5%.

What’s Inside:

Estimates are included for the following areas:

  • Total retail and ecommerce spending
  • Ecommerce by channel
  • Ecommerce by retailer
  • Digital buyer penetration and demographics


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