Global Ad Spending Update

Global Ad Spending Update

Alibaba, Facebook and Google to Capture Over 60% of Digital Ad Dollars in 2019

Our Global Digital Ad Spending forecasts have been updated for 2019. See the new report collection.

Executive Summary

  • What’s the forecast for global digital ad spending for 2019? We forecast digital ad spending will rise 17.1% to $327.28 billion in 2019, with Alibaba, Facebook and Google as the leading digital ad sellers. The three companies will account for 61.2% of the total global digital ad market. In 2019, Google will become the first digital ad seller to cross the $100 billion mark in net digital ad revenues.
  • What share of global digital ad spending will mobile have in 2019? Mobile represents a significant portion of total media ad spending as well, and we forecast it will get $232.34 billion in 2019. For the first time, over one-third of ad dollars worldwide will go to mobile in 2019. This is primarily due to high mobile phone internet adoption and improving mobile internet speeds. As ad spending toward mobile formats climbs, it will push digital to receive over 50% of ad dollars in 2020.


Corey McNair


Cindy Liu
Forecasting Analyst
Monica Peart
Senior Director, Forecasting
Shelleen Shum
Senior Forecasting Analyst