Global Social Network Users 2019

Global Social Network Users 2019

A Snapshot on Snapchat

This report provides the key takeaways from our inaugural forecast on worldwide Snapchat users, as well as worldwide user data for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Global Social Network Users 2019: A Snapshot on Snapchat

How many Snapchat users will there be worldwide in 2019?

We forecast that 297.7 million people will use Snapchat at least once per month in 2019. That will make Snapchat the third-most popular social platform in the world behind Facebook and Instagram—a position held by Twitter until this year.

In which countries is Snapchat most popular?

Norway is the global leader in Snapchat usage, and the only country with a user penetration rate above 50% of the population in 2019. Along with Australia, it is also one of just two countries where Snapchat is more popular than Instagram. Denmark is third in terms of Snapchat usage, followed by Sweden and the US.

Snapchat user growth may be slowing in the US, but the platform is still adding users globally. We forecast that the number of Snapchat users worldwide will rise 11.3% to 297.7 million in 2019.


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Senior Director, Forecasting